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Chinatown Walks

About our Walking Tours of Victoria’s Chinatown

Chinatown Walks take place year-round on Saturdays at 10:30 am (except Christmas and New Year's Day)


In Canada’s Oldest Chinatown

Enjoy the vibrancy along the crowded sidewalks and narrow alleys of Victoria’s Chinatown. Heritage Chinese commercial buildings—the largest number from the 1800s in any city in North America provide the backdrop. But check out the public art in the form of murals, fountains, statues and banners.

Favourite shops and restaurants remain, but new ones are sprouting up everywhere. Fan Tan Alley alone has six new boutiques—and a chocolate shop.

We’ll include plenty of historical detail, but we’ll also discuss the lively urban scene and recent changes that have transformed Chinatown into one of Victoria’s most vibrant and trendy neghbourhoods.

Explore Chinatown

One of  Victoria’s Must-See Attractions

  • Play the game that Victoria’s most famous alley is named after.
  • Pass by Chinatown’s traditional medicine shops and smell the fragrant aroma of the natural medicines on display.
  • Climb the creaking stairs to Canada’s oldest Chinese temple.
  • Learn about the art studios in upstairs rooms formerly used as gambling dens.
  • Savour a taste of Cantonese baking at it’s best (When restrictions permit).
  • Look for the faded, hand-painted sign on the brick wall of Dragon Alley and be amused by the translation of what it says.